PRAAC (MidiaGEO Standards)

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The PRAAC is the Program for Recovery of the PPAs (Degraded Permanent Preservation Area) of the Amazon and Cerrado of Mato Grosso, which is aimed at compliance with the CAT – Conduct Adjustment Term, signed between the Rural Producer and the Secretary of State for the Environment and Sub-Attorney General of the Environment.

For each PRDA – Plan of Recovery of the Degraded Area made by InBECAS, is signed a CAT – Conduct Adjustment Term with a maximum term of one (1) year to present the first report of recovery of the degraded area.

Through this partnership closed between the Private Company MidiaGEO Technology LTD, the Rural Producer, and InBECAS was possible to open this program where:

  • Rural Producer is committed to preserving the area to be recovered and its legal reserves,
  • The InBECAS elaborates the Degraded Areas Recovery Plan,
  • The InBECAS insert the property in PRAAC,
  • The InBECAS Captures resources for the recovery of degraded areas whose owner is committed to keep preserved,
  • The MidiaGEO LTDA Technology finances and runs the Environmental Regularization of the Property,
  • The InBECAS rides environmental projects in the communities where they will be held recoveries through environmental awareness, hand in training work, extracurricular courses in environmental area,
  • The InBECAS and the State Public Ministry audit the recovery of degraded areas,
  • The InBECAS through partners signed by terms of cooperation Technical monitors and audits the areas until the end of recovery.

To learn more about this Standard, click here to contact the MidiaGEO staff. We are available to clarify any questions and provide further information about our projects and Standards, as well as our involvement in the Socio-Economic Sustainability market.