What do we do?

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We structure and organize strategic and sustainable nature of businesses that have high social, economic and environmental reach and actively participate in the design, development, implementation and monitoring of projects.
We promote the overall optimization of production processes, energy conservation and energy rationality, especially within agribusiness, identifying opportunities for interventions, working alternative building solutions aimed at wide management and establishing the basis for certification.
We design and establish mechanisms and methodologies as well as the necessary joints in sustainability projects in the context of legal and policy framework, with clear vision of harmonious coexistence man-biome.
We develop solutions in sustainable projects in order to slow the advance of deforestation, aiming at “zero deforestation”, but also aimed at reforestation, using models and productive matrices that enable overcoming the pressure arising from the economic dynamics.
We provide project development, actions and initiatives that increase the general conditions of GHG emissions containment – Greenhouse Gases and emission neutralization.
We develope mechanisms aimed at seeking financial compensation for environmental services conservation and preservation provided by the owners of forest reserve and production areas. And assist integration of social and economic programs of the local government to community projects.